Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tunnel Vision...

Y'know, I really like the Random Acts of Tracy idea.  Since I have more items to expand on this here's another:
Not being a native New Yorker, I know little of the Freedom Tunnel so here's wiki's version:
"The Freedom Tunnel is the name given by urban explorers, graffiti artists, and a handful of  homeless people to the Amtrak tunnel under Riverside Park in Manhattan, New York City.  It is also the name of the legendary and constantly evolving graffiti pieces that cover the tunnel walls."
That will suffice for us as an into for this piece of Tracy goodness residing on those said walls.
It's from a storyline involving the Mole who first appeared 9-17-41.  Bet THIS Tracy has seen his share of illegal activity.
Y'ever notice that when Tracy is depicted on walls, sidewalks, barroom tables, and the like; he is always the Gould version.  Perhaps even the Fletcher version.  Never the Locher version.  Wonder why that is?  (...he said snarkily!)  If you find one, lemme see it.  I'm curious.

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