Thursday, April 23, 2009

So sad...

Regarding this post:
"You might have noticed... that Jim Brozman name was inked into the Dick Tracy comic strip. Mary Elson, Managing Editor at Tribune Media Syndicate, tells me that Jim has been collaborating with Dick Locher on the strip. Mary adds that the two are longtime associates and live in the Chicago area. Jim graduated with a Fine Arts Degree in Illustration and worked in the comic book industry and then later in comic book retail. Mary didn’t specify what part of the collaboration Jim was doing, but from other sources, I’ve learned that he’s now the artist while Dick continues with the writing."

This was posted here

"The once graphically brilliant Dick Tracy has fallen on hard times, if last Sunday’s strip is any evidence. Take a look at and see for yourself: the sadly deformed woman in the Crimestopper panel, Tracy’s amputated fingers in the last panel, the way his trenchcoat appears and disappears…is this what’s passing for professional cartooning now?"

I didn't think it could get worse than Locher.
I stand corrected.

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