Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Story of a Visit Gone Horribly Wrong...

It started so nicely.  Tracy and Junior on their way to a local Army base, discussing the smoking habits and other fill-in-the-blanks of some soldier that Tracy knew of.  Vaguely.
Then when Tracy was out of sight,  
There goes Junior getting his butt handed to him by a soldier's son or a local yokel who didn't like that damn tie he had on.  (Who could blame him?)
Luckily, Tracy was there to give Junior a good fill-in-the-blanking for being such a disgrace. 
I love these.  These were made in 1942 and and are postcards that deal with the enlisted men of World War II.  There are more but these are all I have.
They remind me of the ad-lib books I had as a child but these were used to relay information about the soldier.  
It was a good idea, though.  I kid but the war was fresh and there were a lot of young men going off to fight the good fight without the internet or cell phones or much of anything.  Letters from and to home got lost.  They were basically isolated. It must have been very scary to be so alone so quickly.
Rest in Peace gentlemen.

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