Monday, October 6, 2008

Carolina Chris and the Grail of Gould...

This was  a personal Holy Grail of  my Dick Tracy collecting:  Actual profile of Tracy by Chester Gould himself!   A friend of mine had this on ebay, so I had to bid on it but it finished late at night so I got a very nice price.  It's on Gould's letterhead at the time (mid-70's).    It's not mint, but who cares!  Hope you like seeing this as it's been stored for a bit and I like having a good reason to dust it off and look it over again.  
I am enjoying this blog for that reason especially.  


Linness Yusof said...

Aaaaaa! I have half a mind to kill you just so that I could steal this from you. How awesome is this! How much did you get it for? When was it auctioned?

I was cured from a serious E-Bay bidding addiction about 7 years ago. I would've probably sold my brother to buy this had I known about it.

chalwa said...

Leave me alive! I have more stuff to show!
I've had this for about 8 years. The guy who auctioned it had several items that I picked up. He was selling to buy a car!
He had written Gould several times but only kept a few things. I picked up a handwritten letter from Gould to him that I'll put up soon.
I got it all for less than $20 minus shipping.
Don't hate me.