Thursday, October 9, 2008

Grail of Gould Part II

This note is another item I got from Art (the fellow I got the Tracy profile from/see previous blog entry).  The figure is ERTL (?) I think.  From the movie.
I am still amazed that he sold these.  This is a wonderful glimpse into a different era where email didn't exist and a handwritten note (with a pre-printed graphic) could bring your heroes to you in a much more personal way.  Art had asked for advice on getting into 'the business' and Gould was very polite and helpful.  I'm sure Gould got a lot of letters like these and the fact that he would write and send a letter like this says a lot about him.  He had these cards printed up with a Tracy profile just to reply to his fans.   
Wish I'd thought to write him.

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