Monday, October 27, 2008

I wouldn't have found this if Roy Thomas weren't so popular with fanboys...

Now this was just plain fun!  Tell ya why: Procured this 'playset' at the last HeroesCon in Charlotte.  T'was a lovely thing as I was at the tail end of the con and didn't expect to find any Tracy items other than comics.  I had a lively conversation with Al Feldstein of EC fame!  I tried very hard to have an intelligent conversation with Roy Thomas but was constantly being interrupted by a throng of jr. Red Sonja fanboys who just found out he wrote Conan and HAD to tell him how much they looked forward to reading it someday.  Sheesh.  This lead me to look over a few vendors I had passed by earlier and lo' here was the playset.  I though it was priced a bit high so I made an offer of a little more than half what he had priced. (as is the custom at a con.  It's expected to haggle .) 
The man laughed and said he'd be happy to take me up on my offer but he had priced his items at 75% off and I'd have wound up paying more my way.  Lovely!  Got it for a song and am quite happy about it.  
I have not noticed it in any guide, but I may have missed it or memory may have dulled it.  I will try to update any info I get on this.  
It was made in 1973 by Ideal.  Has 3 places to play: the police station, the bank and a run-down shack that makes a great criminal hideout.  The figures have a nice set of Tracy companions and villains.  A car even!   Doors open and shut and I can imagine a kid in the early 70's having a ball with this.  My son loves it (he's 5) and we both play with it.  I usually wind up being the villains.  Go figure!  I hope to find some more undiscovered (by me) Tracy toys at the next con.  There used to be a ToyCon locally but I haven't seen it in a while.  Hope it makes a reappearance soon.
If you like this stuff, or have something to show please, please comment.  Love to hear from you.


Chris Jarocha-Ernst said...

Just found your site. Can't ID some of the figures. Left to right, top to bottom: Is that B-B Eyes next to Brow? Pat next to Flattop? Sparkle next to Junior? Tess next to Mole? Who's the redhead? Vitamin next to her? Who's next to Pear Shape?

chalwa said...

Yes, that is B-B Eyes hanging close to the Brow, Pat Patton is next to Flattop, Sparkle Plenty is next to Junior (seemed natural).
The readhead is Liz! Vitamin is next with Littleface Finney. (I'll have to double check that last one.)

HEH said...

That is a neat, vintage toy! As a kid, I would have loved to own and play with the set .