Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Old Yeller...

Even though the Dick Tracy movie of 1990 will be what most casual observers of Tracy will associate with his look, it wasn't all that accurate.  I have posted older items with the yellow look, but Tracy was quite a dapper dan back in the day and appears to have more than one look.  The yellow outfit is nowhere to be seen on the boxes of these three card games from various years.   I believe they all fall within 1934-8.  The one on the left is the only one that looks like actual Gould art, but it is unverified.  The center game is in the best condition with most of its original gloss.  It looks almost brand new but for a penciled in box near the bottom of the blue circle.   I regret not photographing the cards themselves as they have some wonderful graphics. 
A future picture for sure.  


Linness Yusof said...

I used to have an English professor who also collects Tracy... We had a little club going at the university but it wasn't really Tracy-centric. More like PI-centric. But that was fun.

He had these same games, if I recall correctly. Too bad we've lost touch. He would've loved to share stuff and info with you.

chalwa said...

There's another game I've seen but have yet to get ahold of.
Too bad about the Prof. I'd love to have seen what he had.
I haven't actively sought out my friends for the blog, but I think now is the time.