Sunday, October 5, 2008

First picture...

Starting with an oldie but a goody:  Sometime in the 1930's, this once contained caramel of questionable taste (see the faces of Tracy and Junior!) and a card with a continuing story.  More you bought, the more of the story you could read.  Nice idea.  Coming out of the Great Depression, you needed to have an edge on the competition because a penny actually meant something.  The art is crude and at best was probably copied from a Chester Gould (Tracy's creator) panel.  I don't see as many for sale these days as I did a few years ago.  


Linness Yusof said...


I'm a fan of Tracy, but have only managed to see one movie. Too many collections; not enough money.

Would look forward to more postings. At least now I can collect vicariously through you.

chalwa said...

Thanks for my first comment!
Hope you stick around as I have lots of fun stuff lined up. Glad to find another Tracy fan.