Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dick Tracy-Multimedia Mogul...

We've hit on movies, serials, books, toys and more but the natural progression for our comic strip detective was to conquer funny books!  (I love that term and will use it often)
Point of fact, Dick Tracy was the only long-running single character crime comic in history.  This was with the title 'Dick Tracy' which ran issues 1-24 with Dell comics and Harvey comics with 25-145.  The title ran from 1948 to 1961.  Few Tracy comics featured original material as the source was so good and easy (and cheaper) to copy, why bother trying to compete with it?
Pictured for your amusement is a copy of the Harvey version, issue 44 and what I believe is the only 3D Tracy comic ever published.  The last is a copy of one of 2 titles ACG trotted out in the late 90's.  Reprints all.


Linness Yusof said...

Wow, your blog is so great! What wonderful pics! 13 years... gotta be one of the longest I've heard of. Over in Japan there are also some good mystery serials that rang for long periods of time. Detective Kindaichi (both grandpa and grandson) are my favourite because of the complex murder techniques the bad guys usually use.

Thanks for uploading these. Keep on sharing!

chalwa said...

I have heard of these but don't have much knowledge of them. Kindaichi sounds like very interesting. I may have to look that up.
Much thanks for the tip!