Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween ramblings...

Looks like the Halloween gremlins are up and at 'em.  I had a photo to load, but blogger is blinking out and won't let me load.   
I had a Tracy video on youtube to show but they took it off.
I thought about showing a Halloween outfit, but I don't own one and the only ones I could find were movie-inspired and you know how I feel about that.
The cartoon, perhaps?  Tracy stayed at his desk and it wasn't high on my list of favs either.  No Halloween episode anyway. 
Hey, I read that the Sam Ketchem look was supposedly based on Howdy Doody.  
That scary enough?
Oh well.
Halloween bit me on the arse this year.  Hope I tasted good.


Maxine said...

Actually, there IS a Halloween episode of the animated Dick Tracy Show -- it's the one entitled "Trick or Treat!" Disguised as a mother and her child in Halloween costumes, Sketch Paree and the Mole steal from the local merchants until Joe Jitsu arrives to turn the "trick" back on them.

I remember this because two years ago my husband and I watched this on Halloween night, along with several other "spooky" themed episodes, such as "The Manor Monster" and "Ghostward Ho."

chalwa said...

I had no idea. I must confess to having not seen all the Tracy cartoon episodes.
Readers like you keep me more on the ball!
I have been poring over my old Tracy books and items and hopefully future posts will reflect my re-acquaintance with my old friend, Tracy.
I started this blog mainly because I wanted to see more Tracy sites on the net and to meet others of a like mind and perhaps expand my own base of knowledge surrounding the character.
Seems to be working!
Thanks for posting.