Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday's "Item I don't really like, but bought anyway!"

Not many people know that Ralph Byrd used to get drunk as a skunk in Mexico and let people film him for more drinks.  No, wait.  That was me.
This on the other hand is a lobby card for 31 episodes of Dick Tracy that ran in Mexico years agone.  I post this to show that as a Tracy collector (or a collector in general) sometimes you buy something you don't particularly like but Hey, it's Tracy. 
The artwork for the plane is nice, but the Tracy figure looks like it was one-offed by that guy with his hands in the air in the photo to get 'em to stop shooting.  Not Gould for sure! Overall design pretty much bites on this but your eyes do follow the copy.  Hey, I'm trying to like this thing.  I spent money on it, y'know.
Dick Tracy!  He's everywhere you wanna be!

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