Sunday, October 5, 2008


Introducing...!  And my Dick Tracy Collection.
This is my first post/blog attempt at sequential wording and it'll probably show for a while.
My name is Chris and I have an affinity for Chester Gould's seminal detective, Dick Tracy.  In my search for others of my ilk, I have come up a little more empty-handed than I thought this brave, new internet world would've let me.  So using the the bring-the-mountain-to-me philosophy, I am creating this thing to search you out.  If you like the same weird stuff I do, comment and add to what I post.  I am going to be posting pics of my collection over the course of however long it takes and if you have some neat shots, send 'em to me and we'll drool over them together!  
Please don't spam or be vulgar or insulting.  No one likes that stuff and you're not as clever as you think for posting that way.  
Besides, vulgar and insulting is my territory anyway.

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