Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hittin' the silks...

Interesting story.
This is a silk cachet for the first day of issue of the Dick Tracy stamp.  Cool item as the pic of Chet is silken and looks nice all framed up.
When I got it, the pic nagged me for a bit.  Seemed familiar.  Searched though some of my Tracy books and found that it was pic of our Mr. Gould signing an old 'Dick' capgun.  One-of-a-kind item that is framed with the gun in a shadowbox-type thing.  Don't know how it got from the one of a kind collectible in a one owner collection to the USPS for the official portrait.  
I'm probably the only person who even gives a hoot, but whatever.
I bet it's an interesting story.


Linness Yusof said...

Hey, I give a crap too! Am totally enjoying this blog. And how nice is this item!

Must've taken you quite a while, not to mention effort, to amass this collection... *jealous*

chalwa said...

Thanks for the comment, it's good to know someone is reading.
Keeps me trying!