Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Corrections and reflections...

Being remiss implies the culpable omission or the careless or indifferent performance of a task or duty.  
That being the case, I am really remiss in not mentioning that this blog started the day after Dick Tracy's 77th birthday!  Sorry, Tracy and it won't happen again!
Moving along with the puzzle theme introduced yesterday, I have a quartet of puzzles (some of which are still wrapped in cello).  These are from the 1960's cartoon that I didn't like very much. 
It stands accused of being racist and promoting stereotypes.  As a kid, that didn't occur to me at all.  It was just a bit boring, nothing more.  Not enough emphasis on Tracy and too much on the other characters that didn't appear  in the strip.  The potential of a Dick Tracy cartoon in competent hands is an exciting thing for me.  Unfortunately, the route taken by the creative team on this animated version of the great detective leaves me cold.
I do like the puzzles, though!
I'm very much enjoying working on this blog, pulling out and photographing the Tracy items I have acquired over the years.  It is rekindling my love of the character and even reminding me of things long forgotten.  I used to have a much better grip on Tracy facts.  As time progresses, I hope to get back to that and hopefully this blog will reflect that and become something that would do Tracy proud!
Hope you are enjoying it in the meantime.
And for the luvva Pete, comment!  I wanna hear from ya!

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